The Humble Bay Leaf

The humble bay leaf – always in the background, never the star. We only notice it when it’s missing. As a mum on The Gram, I relish the connections I’ve made with the incredible humans behind the handles. But I also relish the attention and praise some of my posts get. When a couple of them went viral, it was like being on a high. And that is a wonderful thing and a not so wonderful thing. Because my main job as a mum is to serve the miniature tyrants who will never be as grateful as the insta-folk I’ll never meet. They roll their eyes at the organic vegetables and demand Mars Bars. They eat my loving handiwork and trash the kitchen while doing so. I am their bay leaf. I am the foundation of their lives and I am fortunate that they have no idea what would be missing if I wasn’t there. I’ve been posting less lately because my tyrannical bosses have been missing me. I’ve been trying (and often failing) to be more present. But all the while, like so many of you beautiful bay leaves, I’ve been simmering in the background. Our proudest work will probably never be applauded, but it is part of a much greater recipe that is beyond our comprehension. So put your feet up beautiful Mama, surrender, say kind words to yourself. Know that your essence is enough.


  1. Do you remember the huge bay leaf tree in our Oakland’s garden? It was tall and stately, standing outwards from the avocado tree , guarding our privacy. I always loved that tree,visited it often, sitting in Louise’s garden. I had an Indian friend that visited and used to go home with a bucket of leaves, very often. I knew Louise was always smiling down.


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