Deliciously Ella Breakfast Review

I'm really shy so was quite intimidated to go along to this event on my own. I was so pleasantly surprised though! The staff and fellow customers that I met were warm and lovely. It was much more about authentic people enjoying authentic food than yuppies photographing their lattes (I was the guiltiest of this 😂).

The actual granolas also exceeded my expectations. I tried all of them, partly because I am greedy, partly because I'm extremely curious. I started with the Bircher muesli. I loved it enough to polish off the entire generous serving, and it went perfectly with the peanut butter and compote it was served with. My only slight criticism came from personal preference, I would have preferred it warm.

The nutty granola and the original granola were both delicious too. I was expecting these products to be just like any other packaged super-healthy breakfast, but I was seriously impressed by the way they were tasty yet lower in sugar than their competitors.

The granolas and muesli are not organic, but I'm ok with that. From speaking to Sophie from the Deliciously Ella team, I understand that price point is really important here. The cereals are relatively inexpensive, which means that hopefully more people will be able to eat less sugar for breakfast. And that is what I am most excited about here!

I'll definitely be buying the Bircher muesli which I'm going to try and present to my kids as porridge, on the days I'm too comatosely tired to make it from scratch. I loved the fact that it does not need to be soaked overnight. Hubby does not not know this now, but his favourite sugary granola is going to be phased out through the same process of osmosis that happened to his mustard coloured felt coat. Soon Deliciously Ella nutty granola will be his new normal.


PS Next project on my list: foodhealermummy pear crumble made from the pears from my 100 year old tree and one of the granolas I sampled this morning 🍐

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